Melipoly Multiflora Honey 280gm


Best natural substitute for sugar
Rich in antioxidants
Strengthens immune system
Improves digestion
Relieves cough symptoms and throat irritation
Helps to heal wounds and burns
Enhances skin complexion
#No Sugar Added
#No Colouring Added
#No Favouring Added

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Product Description :
Stingless bee honey is produced by the meliponine stingless bees of the tropical rainforest, which gather nectar from a tremendous variety of plants to produce tangy honey that is rich in trace elements and organic acids.
The honey we produce is 100% raw honey made in a natural environment.

No sugar, additives, colouring, artificial flavours or preservatives are added to the honey, maintaining its original form.
It is unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed honey so it contains a broad range of nutrients and essential trace elements for various health benefits.

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